Top - H&M
Skirt - Thrifted
Hat - H&M
Belt - Topshop
Necklaces - eBay, H&M
Cuff - Vintage

After a very hectic week at work, I was so over-ecstatic that it was the weekend that I decided to completely ignore the fact that Edinburgh had recently adopted the climate of Antarctica (minus the snow, so in fact it has just been a bit cold recently, and yes i do like to hyperbolise on occasion and I'd appreciate it if you just went along with it for the sake of this blog because I've gone and typed in now and am far too lazy busy to go back and change it, alright??) and make the most of what little sunshine there was by wearing not only a long floaty skirt, but also a bloody great big hat! Unfortunately, I greatly miscalculated the wind speed outside so that, whilst I was walking along, I had one hand constantly clasped between my legs, trying to hold my skirt down as it whipped around everywhere and kept blowing up like a hot air balloon, and the other clamped on top of my head to prevent my hat from flying off and knocking out an innocent passer-by. And, oddly enough, this made it incredibly hard to walk normally and so it was with a weird crab-like sideways crawl that I made my way to tescos. Only to then realise that I had forgotten my purse. Not one of my finest moments, I'll be the first to admit, but still, I'm a massive fan of big swishy skirts - and BY LO can this skirt swish with the best of 'em! - and wouldn't let something so trivial as the change in seasons put me off wearing one. Ya heard me, Autumn; you have no sway over me! And then, for a completely unrelated reason, I changed into jeans and a hoodie as soon as I had sideways-crawled my way home... 

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