1. ASOS Cropped Western Jacket With Studs

2. ASOS Hand Woven Leather Trim Holdall

3. ASOS Maxi Skirt In Mesh Spot

4. ASOS Half Frame Metal Keyhole Sunglasses

5. ASOS Gothic Cross Suspender Tights

6. ASOS APPLAUSE Chelsea Ankle Boots

7. ASOS Gold Jacquard Short

8. ASOS Oversize Boyfriend Watch

9. ASOS Kimono Cardigan

To view these items on the ASOS webpage, simply click on the numbers before the description.

I made the mistake of going onto the ASOS website today for a ‘quick look’, despite the muffled objections coming from my purse, and BY LO! I immediately found about a hundred things that all of a sudden I was absolutely certain were a hundered percent essential for my wardrobe and that I needed RIGHT THIS SECOND – did that sentence even make sense? You see? That is how all a fluster ASOS has gotten me, damn you ASOS and all your wonderfully glorious clothes! Stop mocking meeee! 

So here is my ASOS top nine wishlist. I say wishlist because I cannot afford a single thing on this list until payday so I’m wishing that someone, somewhere would be charitable enough to give a girl in need a few quid to spend on some much needed clothes. An anonymous donation into my bank would be fine. Or even if someone would just buy me something off the list, that would be good too. Either way. I’m not fussy.

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