These are a few pics from the past week. First off, i was invited to a Christmas Taster evening at a swanky hotel in Edinburgh, where I spent the night drinking free cocktails and wine, eating free canapes and crazy coloured macaroons - I got far too excited on seeing these in real life, instead of just seeing them on people's instagram and being jealous that I wasn't there to eat them - and getting a free manicure. Managed to get quite quite tipsy, which is all very good and well until you run into some people you work with... Oh the abuse! You'd have thought they'd never seen a pleasantly drunk girl walking unsteadily down the street with an armful of brightly coloured macaroons.

Then my parents came to stay at the weekend and I took them for a lovely tour of the Botanical Gardens and Water of Leith walkway and made them a mahoosive steak, guinness and cheese pie (thanks for that Jamie Oliver) which everyone ate and not one person got food poisoning or died of anything pie-related. Not one.

And, last but not least - in fact I probably should have mentioned this first, as this was most certainly the highlight of my week - my burgundy creepers and My Neighbour Totoro wallet finally arrived!! This is the most accurate depiction of my face on the moment of opening them --> :D yep, that was me. And they havent left my side/feet since.

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