That's right guys, I'm-a wearin' lipstick!!

I've never really worn lipstick before, often viewing it as something that looks good on other people, but would only add to my social insecurities with the additional fear of having lipstick smeared across my face/stuck on my teeth/dribbling down my chin (is lipstick even capable of dribbling?) and not realising, causing torrents of abuse, pointing and laughing to be directed at me as I cower in the corner whimpering and dribbling lipstick all over myself. 

HOWEVER, I have resolved to get over this frankly ridiculous fear - everyone knows that lipstick doesn't dribble - and I've only gone out and bought a blimmin' lipstick! Now, you would think that, considering my aforementioned fears, I would be tempted to go for something subtle, something classy, something both sophisticated and demure, something that tells people that I am a worldly and wise woman (and what is more sophisticated than alliteration I ask you?!), that I know my own mind and that I am, in all respects, pretty darn great ... but you would be wrong. Nope, I went for the brightest, most unsubtle lipstick I could find! Its the L'oreal Paris Color Riche lipstick in Plum Passion and, ya know, I quite like it :) it may take me a little while to build up the confidence to actually wear it outside of my flat but, in the meantime, I think it definitely adds a certain classiness to the pyjamas and fluffy socks look.

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