Denim Jacket - New Look (old)  Dress and Belt - Primark

I woke up with a ridiculous hangover this morning after having a bottle of cider last night – one bottle! How depressing. Long gone are the days of drinking into the small hours, waking up at 10 feeling fresh as a daisy and going to play some high-adrenaline sport, like base-jumping or that game with horses and sticks. *sigh*

Anyway, it means that instead of spending the day charity shopping as I intended, I am sofa-ridden and filling my time with cinnamon and raisin bagel eating and feeling sorry for myself. On the bright side, it means I'm able to catch up on some fashion blog reading and update mine too. And with an actual fashion related post no less – I know, I’m as excited as you are!

Seeing as I’m still feeling a slight pang of sadness that festival and, lets face it, summer times are basically done and dusted for the year, I thought I would do a post of one of the outfits I wore to Leeds last weekend.

Cardigan and Boots - H&M

Heart necklace - Hihosilver, Pendant necklace - a gift, Rings - both gifts, Spike bracelet - Ebay
I think this outfit has just the right amount of edgy festival-ness going on, and was actually fairly practical as the dress has a mullet hemline so there's no risk of bum-flashing whilst dancing around to bands – a very important factor in any garment I'm sure you’ll agree. This cardi is ridiculously comfortable and is one of those that you can just fling over anything. The boots too are some of my faves, and were perfect for the rain and mud which is pretty much inherent at any UK-based festival these days (damn you climate change!) so, all in all, a pretty decent festival outfit.

PS - I apologise for the horrendous quality of these photos. I'm yet to find a decent place in my flat to take outfit pictures and haven't built up the courage to venture outdoors yet - although there is a tiny corner of our communal garden that hasn't turned into a jungle so I may try that out.


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