This is a really quick outfit post because I'm about to head out to the cinema but I wanted to put something up as I haven't in a good long while and feel like I'm failing as a blogger before I've even started!

I've been enlisting the help of my lovely boyfriend to take outfit photos in the hope of making them better and more interesting for everyone, but then I completely failed to make the most of this uncharacteristic good behaviour by actually posting any of the pictures on here... but now that time has come!

Lace shirt - eBay
Lace bandeau - Urban Outfitters
Skirt - H&M
Belt - Vintage
Bracelet - Market
Two-finger ring - H&M
Beetle ring - eBay

I wore this one day last week. I'm not sure what look I was trying to achieve, except that it involved a hell of a lot of black. And a scarab beetle ring. Hope you like it anyway :)


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