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Often, at the end of a busy day of work, there's nothing I like more than to roll onto some fashion website or other and dream about what I could buy if only I could afford everything that my shallow, materialistic self tells me I need. And today it was Nasty Gal’s turn to make me stare longingly at my purse, willing it to sprout money.

Nasty Gal have already made the transition from Winter wear to Spring brights and, consequentially, as I flicked through their new additions I found myself dreaming about the oncoming spring time and the promise of warmer weather, completely forgetting the fact that the streets of Edinburgh are right this minute covered with snow. But I'm choosing to ignore that because I think I would be a much happier person with each and every one of these pieces in my wardrobe, regardless of what the weather is doing outside. From the pure marvellousness that is the Paisley Dream Pants to the swishy and summery Two Hearts Dress, and the Fastrane Platform Boots which would instantly transform any everyday outfit into an edgy, grungey masterpiece, quite frankly, I love them all!

So, doing a complete one-eighty from my previous post... roll on spring time! 



This weekend I decided that enough was enough, and that I was going to change my blog layout once and for all. And just 5 hours later, here it is! How'd you all like it? And, when answering, please take into account that those 5 hours were mostly spent shouting at my computer while it decided to restart and delete everything I'd changed. Three times (I have since resolved to get a new computer). I really loved the other background and design but the bright colours just seemed to overwhelm any pictures that I put up, and I think that white helps everything to stand out a little bit more. I hope you all like it anyway :)