High neck crop top - New Look
Maxi skirt - Missguided



Ok it's official, I'm in love with these tops. They are just so easy to style that I can't help but wear them with everything and anything at the mo. This maxi skirt is also an absolute revelation; being a curvy gal, maxi skirts don't usually do anything for me, but the elasticated waist and slit up the side of this Missguided one make it all slinky and flattering. Plus it was only £6.49 as one of the Sweet Deal items! Bargainous.

I wore this to go and see a talk on The Science Of Superheroes at the Edinburgh Book Festival, which completely blew my mind. The speaker was Quantum Physicist and Superhero Consultant James Kakalios, who must have the best job title ever, and was all about the physics behind superheroes, and what effect their super powers would have on the environment around them. Pretty awesome, I'm sure you'll all agree! That is, up until the point when he tried to actually explain what Quantum Mechanics was... and then it all just kinda goes fuzzy...

Anyhoo, hope you're all having a good weekend lovelies :)

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