Shorts - Thrifted & DIY
Croptop - Missguided
Boots - Topshop
Denim Jacket - New Look & DIY


Hiya peeps! I went down to Gloucestershire last weekend to see my family and watch some cows chase a walker across a field - I'm not even joking, they chased him right across it! Poor guy - and so I made the most of the lovely weather and got Ric to take a few outfit pics whilst we were prancing around in the back garden.

These shorts are a new favourite of mine. They used to be a playsuit which I never wore because the top was a weird unflattering cut, so one day I got sick of it, cut it up, sewed on some poppers and, hey presto! New shorts :) I also can't get enough of these crop tops from Missguided; they're so versatile and comfy and go so well with high waisted things. I can feel a new obsession a-brewin'!

Anyways, hope you guys are all having a fab week so far. It's the Fringe Festival here in Edinburgh for the next month, which basically means the whole city goes a bit crazy, the population increases three-fold, and it suddenly becomes perfectly acceptable to be drunk at any time of the day.... Gotta love a good festival :)

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