I had a lovely surprise the other day when Holly Jones of i2style nominated me for the Liebster Award. I'd never heard of this award before now but it's actually a really cute idea and an amazing way to stumble across new and little known blogs, whether new starters or well hidden treasures.

In case ya don’t already know, the Liebster Award is given from one blogger to another to show appreciation and recognition for their blog, and can only be given to blogs with no more than 300 followers. When given the award bloggers must list 11 random facts about themselves, answer 11 blogger questions, and nominate 11 of their own fave bloggers to pass the award on to. A super way to share a bit about yourself and find a whole bunch of other blogs to fall in love with! So here we go...

11 Random Facts

1. I grew up in Gloucestershire, famous for its Cheese Rolling and, erm... cows.
2. My first ever fancy dress costume at the age of 5 was a frog. I wore a luminous green leotard and a motorcycle helmet painted green with yoghurt-pot eyes stuck to the top of it. I will never forgive my parents for this...
3. My brother once told me that spaghetti grew on trees. It was only a few years ago that I learned this was a terrible lie.
4. I eat marzipan straight out of the packet when I'm alone in my flat
5. Until I was 16 i didn't like chips, sausages, potatoes, sandwiches, pizza, or anything else delicious. Instead I lived on cold, plain, cooked pasta, and Mr Kipling apple pies.
6. It's no coincidence that most of my random facts are food-related. I love food.
7. When Paramore comes on my music player, I like to pretend that I'm Hayley and that I'm really cool.
8. My feet are shrinking! For years I’ve been a size 6, but for the past year only size 5’s will fit me :(
9. I have recently enlisted on a 10-week sewing course, in the hopes of being able to make and customise my own clothes.
10. I did Textiles at school and I am terrible at sewing...
11. I once won first prize in a pumpkin growing competition and won £50.

Blogger Q&A:

What encouraged you to begin Blogging? I was unemployed for a few months last year and, in between hours of mind-numbing job hunting, would scour Asos Fashion Finder for outfit inspo. It was through this that I stumbled upon the likes of Waiste, Lehappy and Effies Makeup Box. I found them so inspiring that I decided to create my own blog in an attempt to be as cool as them :)
Have you ever considered taking up what you passionately Blog about, as a career option? It's become an increasingly prevalent thought recently as I’m learning new creative skills and remembering old ones that I used to love. To be able to do something so creative for a living would be a dream. 
What is the one Fashion item of 2013 that you cannot live without? Anything with a wedge. I’m incapable of walking in proper heels without falling flat on my face, so these are my go-to shoe. 
What was one of your favourite Fashion items from the 90′s? Chokers and blow up backpacks. Aha!
Would you rather be a trend setter than a trend follower? A trend setter, but only if the trend I'm setting was one that I was intentionally setting, and was an awesome trend.
Name one of your ‘Fashion Disasters’ My Avril Levigne 'Skater' faze was pretty traumatic for everyone.
What is one Beauty product that you haven’t tried yet but would like to? Cream blush.
What Beauty product have you been swearing by this year? I've just started using Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation. It's lovely and smooth and makes my skin look super soft.
What is one thing you have got out of Blogging, so far? I've discovered so many amazing and inspiring people. Seeing the world through their eyes and from their own unique perspective has made me a lot more open-minded and adventurous.
Who is your Blogging Inspiration? There are SO MANY. But, if I had to narrow it down to a few that I've been loving recently, it would be these lovelies: Olivia Emily, Lulutrixabelle, and Athousandchapters
If you could branch out into another area of the Blogging world, what else would you Blog about? Arts and crafts probably. I'm in love with the wonderful world of Etsy; whether it's painting, jewellery making, screen printing, or card designing, I want it all.


I currently follow each and every one of these blogs, whether they be fashion, jewellery or art related, and they all are absolutely awesome. Check ‘em out!

Mickylene of A Thousand Chapt3rs
Sonja of Blackthornxxx
Rebecca of Solorebecca
Anne of Kuviamatkalta
Taylor of Restlessy0uth
The wonderful people of Fawn And Rose
The amazing folk at Cosmik Debris

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