Dress and Hat- H&M
Blazer - Primark
Bag - New Look
Belt - Primark

I decided to pull up my metaphorical socks (and some thermal underwear) and venture outside once more to snap my outfit and pretend that I don't care about passers-by stopping and staring at me - ACTUALLY stopping and staring for all the world (mostly me) to see! Honestly, you'd think that they'd never seen a girl rubbing up against a hedge before. 

Hedge rubbing aside, I'm tremendously relieved that I decided to wear this get-up when i did as it was the last day of relatively mild weather before it started to freeze and snow everywhere and, whilst this dress is one of my all time favourites, I'm not entirely convinced of its snow-worthiness... and, just in case you missed the most important part of that sentence I'll put it in capitals as well - IT SNOWED! Which means that it is officially acceptable for me to be excited about Christmas. Hurrah! And most definitely acceptable to break out the reindeer emblazoned jumpers, eat mince pies for breakfast and stick tinsel to any and every free surface you can find. 

In other news, I'm off to London tomorrow with my boyfriend for a few days which I'm just stupidly excited about! I've never really been to London as a tourist before so I'm looking forward to walking very very slowly along the crowded streets and stopping without warning to take a picture of a completely unexceptional looking wall. I may even throw some peace signs in there for good measure! Either that or I'll turn into Joey from Friends, wandering around with a three-dimensional pop-up map and a union jack hat. Ah, tourists.  My boyfriend is going to hate me... :)

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