Turtle-neck - Vintage
Shorts - New Look
Tights - Topshop
Rings - Gift and Thirfted

This is a bit of a different post to usual. I've been trying out ways to take indoors outfit photos in an attempt to get around the shorter daylight hours and, well, lets just say me and my camera had a difference of opinion on the matter and he is now having a long, hard think about what he's done in the bottom drawer of my closet! Under a stack of envelopes no less - you have to be cruel to be kind! Camera abuse aside, these photos didn't really turn out how I wanted them as the terrible artificial lighting just threw the colours off completely and, no matter how much editing I threw at them, they were beyond my photo editing expertise - and by expertise I mean pressing all the buttons until the picture distorts my face enough that I feel safe in putting them online for all the world to see. I am terrible at photo editing. AND PROUD.

So yeah, I basically went crazy and turned them all into 1920's style pictures. Which was the plan all along, of course. I quite like it actually but I'm sad that the contrast between the amazing, bright green polka-dot shorts and the glittery white knitted turtle-neck was lost. I am absolutely in love with this top after nabbing it from my Mum's wardrobe, along with several other amazing retro pieces, which I'll no doubt be sharing on here in the near future. I've never been a massive fan of turtle necks but I feel this may be the start of something special... mostly involving me wearing turtle necks. BE EXCITED.

Hope you guys are enjoying the shorter days as much as I am! :)


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