'Wreck This Journal' notebook, Finger Puppet notebook, Studded purse, Chopstick hair styler

Once again everyday life has managed to suck up all of my free time. So, completely ignoring the fact that I'm a whole 6 days late, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! 

I've been at home in Gloucestershire for the passed week, catching up with family and friends whilst trying not to drown in any 20-foot deep puddles - what is going on with the weather down there?? – and I foolishly forgot to take the memory stick containing all of my blog posts with me. I also forgot my hairdryer. Obviously i was concentrating far too much on ensuring I had enough Christmas chocolates and sweets to keep me occupied on the 7 hour train journey, which just goes to show what my mind classes as important these days... 

Now that I'm finally back in my flat and reunited with my memory stick - hurrah! - I can put up all the posts I was meant to over the passed two weeks, starting off with a Christmas hoard post. I know these posts are very common at this time of year but I got some really lovely gifts, some of which I’ve been wanting for an absolute age, so I thought I’d share them with you all.

 The Moomins tote bag, a Silver Owl Clock keyring, Pokemon earrings from Etsy, a Finger Puppet notebook and a Boulangerie Coconut Macaroon candle from Anthropologie all from my lovely boyo.

 Detail of the keyring and earrings

 Silver candle from Anthropologie and White Silver Tips tea 

 Who doesn't love a good mug?? 

Snow Fairy shower gel and Popcorn Lip Scrub from Lush 

Bronze Mouse ring from A Weathered Penny, and a Rose Quartz ring and Triple Ear Cuff from Dixi.

Titanium Rainbow Druzy Necklace from Dixi 

Rose Gold Boyfriend Watch from Asos 

Plus the usual pile of chocolates, vouchers and money as well. All in all a pretty good Christmas haul I think thanks to all my wonderful family and friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too and got plenty of lovely gifts. I'd love to hear what everyone else got so if anyone has made a Christmas post then please do leave me a link in the comments box so I can have a sneaky peek :) 

I’m off to a Hogmanay beer and cider festival tonight for New Years. Despite It's being held in a barn where the favoured footwear of choice is wellington boots - and probably for good reason! - I'm determined not to let that stop me donning a New Years-worthy party dress with shoes to match! It will probably be disastrous and end with me falling into a hay bail but by God it'll be worth it!! 

Have a terrific New Year everyone :)


  1. Omg I love the moomins, where is the tote bag from? Do you know?

  2. Me too :) it's from Forbidden Planet, the comic book store, in London. I've seen it online as well but it was about half the price in Forbidden Planet so I'd recommend looking there first if there's one near you. Ellia xxx


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