Shirt - New Look
Shorts - Thrifted and DIY
Cardigan - H&M
Creepers - eBay
Necklace - Charity Shop


Gettin' all arty 'n' shit. I love these kinds of pics and I take them far too often - my background is just one of many, many (many) instances of this - but doesn't the sky just look amazing??


Went for a really therapeutic walk around Arthur's Seat and some comic book stores last weekend with my boyfriend. It was so nice to get out of the city for once and get away from the traffic, buildings and crowds, even if it was just a 10-minute walk away. Sometimes I feel so suffocated in the city, even in a city like Edinburgh, and feel the need to escape every once in a while. 

I'm off to Gloucestershire tomorrow to see my family and I can't wait! I don't see my family that much as they live quite far down South and travelling down there is just so expensive these days but it's always so much fun when we all get together and I always regret not being able to do it more often. Also, my parents live in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by fields, hills and peace and quiet and it's so calming to go back there when the city gets too much.

Anyway, things are getting far too deep and emotional for my liking so I'm going to eat some digestives.

Have a good weekend guys!


  1. Those photos are lovely - love your beanie xx

  2. Thank you so much. Edinburgh is so photographic so even a complete amateur like me can make it look good! :) xxx


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