Jacket - Primark
Doors t-shirt - eBay
Hoody - Charity shop
Shorts - Charity shop

I wore this to the cinema last weekend and consequently decided that this would be the last time I wear my 10 den tights this year. It was lovely and sunny on our way there, a bit of a nip was in the air but it was perfectly autumnal walking through the meadows. On the way back, however, the sun had been replaced by dark grey cloud and the wind had reverted back to its normal level of Pretty Bloody Windy. It was a wee bit nippy to say the very least! So I am shelfing my beloved 10 dens for now and whipping out the thick woolly tights beloved by all Grandma's. Oh yeeeah.

I started this Autumn with my usual "where did the summer goooo?!" mentality but quickly remembered just how much I love this time of year and the transition from shorts and strappy tops to layers and scarves and gloves. At the moment I'm on a hunt for the perfect winter jacket; requirements are that it needs to be warm, long, hooded and able to withstand Scotland's temperamental climate. So, besides from walking around in a sleeping bag - there are a surprising number of people that have decided to do just that and I'm always jealous when they waddle passed all snug and cosy and completely oblivious to the people being swept away by the torrential rain mere feet away from them - there's really not a lot of choice unless I'm willing to spend around £100. Which I'm not. Yet... we'll see how desperate I get when it starts snowing!

Speaking of snow, is anyone else getting excited about Christmas??? It is quite frankly ridiculous just how much of a child I become around this time of year. So much so that I am seriously considering purchasing a reindeer onesie. Terrifying? Perhaps. Snug as a bug in a rug? You betcha!!


  1. Just stumbled across your blog and love it! I love a good pair of ten den tights, but definitely not for this weather haha :/


    1. Thanks so much Gill! Agh I know, I do love 'em so but I think that'll have to be the last time I whip them out this year - my knees just cant cope with those kinds of temperatures! Roll on the thick bobbly tights :)


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