Ark Clothing
Ark Clothing

There are a few websites which I go back to time and time again when i need a wardrobe makeover, and Ark Clothing is one of them. I remember scrolling through their pages in the first years of University, and spending most of my student loan on shoes and dresses and then living off cereal for the rest of the year..... We've all been there! Haven't we...?

Ark had started to slip off my radar a bit over the past few months, but they've definitely upped their game recently with a brand spanking new website and a whole sh1t tonne of awesome summer pieces that make me wish i still had my student loan.

Here are just a few of my fave summer pieces from Ark:

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  1. I am obsessed with giraffes at the moment and this playsuit looks perfect!! Gisforgingers xx


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