Jumper - Thrifted
Shirt - Urban Outfitters
Skirt - H&M
Bag - New Look

So my week at work kicked off with some pretty awesome news that we'd won a HUGE project, one that we'd been slaving over for the past year and without which our company would have been in some serious shit. And so the past few days have been a blur of meetings and celebrations, meals out and late nights, and caffeine and power naps. It's been amazing and insane, but has made me realise that I just don't have the capacity to be one of those non-stop work-hard-party-harder types because seriously, I am a total wimp. 

Unlike my work mates, I can barely string a sentence together the morning after a heavy night, let alone sit in on a four-hour conference call to discuss strategies and contracts. And, unlike my fucking insane manager, you'll never catch me going for a 5-mile jog around the park to 'clear my head' after just 4 hours of alcohol-induced sleep - honest to God, this was his serious recommendation for curing a hangover... as if the mere task of putting my trousers on the right way round wasn't a marathon in itself! The most energetic thing you'll see me do is make a desperate lunge for the last bacon roll and fudge-filled donut at Greggs.

So any suggestions anyone might have for a REAL hangover cure - involving as little exertion as possible please - would be very much welcome. And i hope you're all having an equally awesome week :)

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