T-Shirt - Thrifted
Shorts - Thrifted
Parka - Primark

 Sorry for the absence guys, a combination of the clocks going back this weekend and breaking my camera last weekend have meant that all my intentions of being a good little blogger have gone out the window so I'm back to being crap again. Soz! I did manage to save these photos from my camera's memory card before it completely died in me though so all is not lost!

This T-shirt is my new fav. I found it in a tiny vintage shop in Edinburgh for £3 and couldn't resist. It's one of those tees that's been so well loved that it's ludicrously soft and comfy so feels amazing to wear. This parka-style coat is another good find, having pulled it from the back of my wardrobe the other week where I assume it's been for well over a year now as I can't even remember buying it!

So I've mostly been busy this week with halloween planning as my friend's having a flat party, complete with creepy decorations, baking and costumes! This year I've actually planned a costume, as opposed to leaving it to the last minute and going as a cat or a panda as is my usual tradition, so I'm pretty bloody excited! 

Hope you guys have fun halloween plans too :)

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