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Now that it's officially Autumn and, therefore, freezing here in the UK, I'm on the hunt for a new cosy winter coat that'll see me through until the Spring. I'm incredibly demanding when it comes to winter coats, as I want it to be comfortable and warm as well as to make a statement and be stylish, but i don't want to fork out hundreds of pounds for the privilege. My style is changing constantly and it's very rare that I'll want to wear the same thing from one year to the next, so spending so much on one item of clothing just doesn't make sense to me.

After a couple of hours hunting on the internet, I narrowed down my list of about 70 to a few favs which tick all the boxes. I'm loving a lot of the fur styles that are about at the moment as they just look so comfy and warm, but I also really love the masculine and homeless vibe that the oversized tailored coats give to a look. Decisions, decisions!


  1. I love the coats number 6 is my fav!,


    1. Thanks Fowzee. Number 6 is definitely one of my favourites too, it looks so darn cosy! xxx


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