Dress - Flea Market
Boots - Romwe
Bead necklaces - Handmade by my Mum

Happy Friday everyone!

I picked up this gem of a dress at a flea market last weekend and have totally fallen in love with it. So much so that I didn't even wait to iron it before wearing it and taking photos apparently... ahem. It was a pretty good market this month and I managed to nab a crochet cardigan, silk dress, tie dye waist coat and a pair of amazing velvet trousers as well, which I cannot wait to style up.

The dress was originally a weird calf length which I found too tricky to style, so i cut the bottom off, sewed up the sleeves and voila! Perfect :) My sewing skills have improved ten-fold since starting my sewing class a couple of weeks ago and I'm loving it so much more than I thought I would. Just doing something creative for a couple of hours a week is really therapeutic, plus the other girls on my course are completely awesome so half our time is spent laughing and pissing around and half actually learning stuff. We started making a skirt last night and I managed to find the cutest daisy print material for it, so that'll (hopefully) look dreamy when it's all finished. If I have enough material i might even make a top too... Two-Piece comin' at ya!

Have a super weekend guys!

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