Dress - H&M
Blazer - H&M
Studded Boots - Romwe
Scarf - Primark

Eeeee I love these boots so much! They're the perfect amount of clunky and stompy, and I love how they  toughen up even the cutest of summer dresses. Speaking of summer, I think the fact that I gave in and whacked on a scarf half way through these photos prove that summer is well and truly finito. Is it very wrong that I'm starting to get excited for Christmas already...? I'm sick, I know. Please don't hate me.

So, I'm off to an Onion Fayre tomorrow.... as you do... it takes place every year in my home town and is basically just used as an excuse for all my school friends to meet up at the pub :) it's pretty cool though; the streets are lined with loads of stalls and there's a big funfare and of course, the highlight of the whole thing; the onion eating contest!! Who needs London Fashion Week...

Hope you guys are all having a wonderful weekend!


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