Top - eBay
Shorts - Primark
Boots - Romwe 
Flower Headband - Crown & Glory

A hazy, autumnal outfit for you all, taken on a freakishly warm day at the weekend. I love the change in seasons, the transition from summers’ long days, bright colours and bbq’s to autumns’ muted tones, fires, blankets and crisp dewy mornings… but honestly what the hell is with this rain and fog?? It seems to have skipped that lovely transitional period between summer and autumn when it starts getting colder but the days are still sunny and bright and the trees start turning orange and brown, and just gone straight for the shitty wet weather that make up the majority of Britain’s winters. Also, it keeps making my hair go frizzy. Quit it, fog!

Hope you're all having a grand week :)


  1. Cute shorts!! Found your blog on polyvore.. it’s great! Would love for you to check out mine: xoxo

    1. Thanks Allie, I'll definitely give your blog a peek too :) xxxx


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