White Paper Star Lanterns by Ginew

  Anyone that knows me even slightly knows that I love Etsy. I can spend literally hours and hours scrolling through its pages, finding a million and one things that I want, if only i was a millionaire and could buy them all! I think it's a great place to track down really unique items, find amazing, talented craftspeople, or even just get some inspiration for that next crafty project. And so I thought I'd share a few of my favourites with you. Some are bits for the home, some gifts for others, and some are just cool odds and ends that I love. If you like them, just click on the names of the sellers to be taken to their etsy shop.

Watercolour Fashion Illustration by Silver Ridge Studio

Silver Plated Locket Chocker by Twirly Trinkets

Pattern Paint Roller by Not Wall Paper

Non-Toxic Hair Chalk by Henny Hair

 Funny Greeting Cards by Julie Ann Art

  Custom Inscribed Hammered Ring by Delias Thompson

Redwood Forest Leggings by Carouselink

 Woodland Creature Pillows by Laura Frisk

 Nebula Pendant Necklace by Rainforest Necklaces

 Personalised Cutting Boards by Elysium Woodworks

Silver Smilodon Skull Pendant by Zero Ten 2012

Totoro Applique Wall Sticker by Carl895


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