So this week has been pretty darn horrendous. I managed to injure myself in a completely stupid way over the weekend and it means everything that I would normally do on a daily basis causes me so much pain that I want to cry, punch a wall and eat a giant bar of chocolate all at once! So, needless to say, I haven’t felt much like doing anything interesting or blog-worthy this week (apart from rekindling my love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer – seriously guys, it is so good! You probably think it’s not and that I’m just being weird but go watch it and you’ll see. YOU’LL ALL SEE. Ok, so maybe that was a bit weird…) so I thought I’d do a wee recap of what I’ve been up to lately instead.

 Ric and I went for a day trip to Berwick-Upon-Tweed a couple of weeks ago as it was lovely and sunny and we both had the day off work. Neither of us had been before so it was really nice to wander along the cliffs and across the sandy beaches, eating ice cream and donuts, and getting in the way of all the golfing carts that kept whizzing around (quite dangerously I might add!). It’s such a nice place to go for the day, especially when it’s sunny as some of the views were amazing, and the old buildings and ramparts were really stunning as well. Worth a look if you live nearby and have a spare afternoon.

 I spent all of last Saturday charity and vintage shopping and it was probably my most successful trip to date. The most expensive thing out of them all was the cream crochet top which was £10, but all the others were £3 max. Bargain! Look out for these on the blog soon. I also bought this lovely cup and saucer for £4 which I plan to put some herbs or plants in :) And to think, I only went out for milk… 

 Me and Ric at the pub... Just says it all really.

A stroll through the meadows at sunset. It’s so hard to get some peace and quiet in the city, even in a city like Edinburgh which isn’t all that built up, that you tend to forget how nice it is when all that disappears with the daylight and you’re left with nothing but this beautiful and surreal pink sky hanging over you. Plus, I'm pretty sure there's a UFO in the photo.

Check what Ric made for me! I became slightly very obsessed with the Hatchi app on my phone (it’s a tamagotchi essentially) so Ric made this perler for me so I could express my love publicly via instagram. Thanks Ric... Then he made me this awesome heart ring which made it all better. :)

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