Vest Dress -New Look (old)
Flannel Shirt - Flea Market
Lipstick - L'Oreal Intense Color Riche in Plum Passion

Necklaces - both eBay
Heart Ring - Handmade by Ric (Etsy shop coming soon!)
Above Knuckle Ring - Dixi

After watching bits of Wireless and T In The Park this weekend, I was inspired to whack on some loud music, open the windows wide and play around with some festival looks. This is the first summer in about 10 years that I’m not heading off to any music festivals, and it does feel a bit weird and kind of depressing not to be counting down the days to seeing some awesome bands and camping out with my buds, but luckily I have BBQ's and beer festivals to distract me this year.

I was listening to Pantera whilst putting this outfit together, so this is quite a rock/metal festival look - isn’t it weird how much music can inspire you to dress one way or another?! - but that’s the beauty of festival outfits; one look can be transferred to pretty much any festival out there, no matter what the music or theme. They’re an opportunity to be yourself, express your individuality and dress however the hell you want, whether you go for comfort, coolness, or pure craziness.

The look I've gone for is all about comfort; the water-proof boots are essential, especially for any UK festival, and perfect for long stomps across the fields, and the flannel shirt would keep me warm at night. I'd also add a bumbag, tights and a waterproof just to be on the safe side!

Did any of you guys go to Wireless or T in the Park?

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