Dress - New Look * Shirt - H&M * Belt - Primark * Kimono - Topshop * Necklaces - Gift & Charity Shop * Bracelet - Gift

I completely love this Flintstones inspired dress. I find this very odd as it's not my usual style at all; I don't own any other leopard print clothing (if you exclude my new amazing Asos shoesies! But more on them later....), I'm not a fan of dresses with vest-like tops and not once have I looked at Fred Flintstone and wished I had his wardrobe. NOT ONCE! But for some reason I just really like this. I think that the skater style cut has a lot to do with it, as its one of the only dress styles that I find flattering as a curvy lady, and the fact that I can wear it with a shirt underneath just tops it off. It's definitely my favourite thing at the moment to wear a shirt under things, and I probably do this far too often, but having a collar peeking over a top just adds a certain something to a look, dontcha think?

I do have some sad news though. I am sorry to say that, since these photos were taken all of a day ago, these creepers have since retired. It's a shame as they were super comfy, but once the sole of a shoe cracks in half and falls off whilst you're walking down the street, there's really not much else you can do! In all honesty, they were ridiculously cheap rip-offs that I bought off eBay, so the expectation of them lasting for long was very low. But still, its always upsetting when you're forced to hobble home in the rain and your socks get wet.

On a much lighter note, I recently purchased these beauties!! They make me incomprehensibly happy and will be featuring on this blog very soon and probably in every post thereafter. I. LOVE. THEM. 

Pick them up in the sale here.


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