Mint Jumper - H&M
Faux Leather Skirt - New Look
Knee-High Socks - eBay
Collar Necklace - Primark
Boater Hat - H&M


Whilst poring over all the wonderful new trends that S/S 2013 is promising it seems that the good ole British weather is determined to make one last go of burying all of us under a mound of snow. Not one to be deterred by such trivial things as snow and freezing cold winds however, I donned my newest Spring-iest pastel jumper, pairing it with a mini pleather skirt, bejewelled collar and boater hat for good measure, and pranced around my flat (with the heating on full and slippers clamped to my feet, mind) as if it were just another lovely Spring day in Edinburgh. Take that winter!

So, work has yet again been hectic and exhausting this past week which means I haven't had much chance for anything other than sleep when I get home. However, I am sincerely hoping this will all change within the next couple of weeks so that I'll be able to get into some kind of blogging routine where I update every couple of days with more outfits, some DIY's, baking and cooking ideas and maybe even a quick photo update of what I've been up to recently. That's the plan anyway... you know what I'm like... :)

In the meantime, Happy Valentine's Day to you all! Whether you're celebrating with a boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, family or your cat (or even at the cinema with John McClane, which is what I'll be doing!.Yippe Ki Yay Motherhubbard!) I hope you all have a goodun' :)

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