Dress - New Look
Tights - H&M
Socks - eBay
Collar Clips - Ladybird Likes
Shoes - Asos
Satchel - Primark
 Hat - H&M
Owl Clock Keyring - Gift

I love that as soon as there is a hint of sunshine about, us Brits have a melt down and suddenly think that it's summertime,and therefore perfectly acceptable to whip out some bare flesh, despite it still being minus degrees outside. I have been guilty of such madness more times than I care to admit but have learnt my lesson and was well prepared this week when the sun decided to make a rare appearance.

This dress is the perfect winter to spring transition item as the full length arms and high neck keep you safe from any wintery gusts but the material is light enough that there's no risk of overheating should the sun pop out. Also, it's perfect to team with my new Me & You heart collar clips which I received in my last post here and want to wear with absolutely everything I own! Yes, this includes pyjamas.

This satchel is another new addition to my wardrobe. After poring over the Cambridge Satchel Company's Metallic Collection - check them out here - I concluded that I couldn't quite justify the £100-odd price tag and went for this cheaper but a lot less shiny Primark version which I plan on DIY-ing to jazz it up a bit. I love how it brings a slightly business-like and pulled together vibe to an outfit - even one involving high socks and leopard wedges! - and cant wait to pair it with more girly spring outfits to add a contrasting black, grungy feel.

Other than satchel buying, I have had a horribly busy couple of weeks at work so am spending the weekend down in Gloucestershire at my parents house for a bit of respite, as well as lots of good food and drink, plenty of relaxing, chasing the dog around the fields and catching up with my brother and sister. Basically all of the things I love :)

Hope you all have a terrific weekend! xx


  1. I love your satchel, I really really need to get myself one like this - I like how it's black rather than the more common brown, cos it's chic and will go with anything! xx

    1. Thanks Toni, this one is so handy, I can literally fit everything i could ever need in it (as well as some other stuff I probably don't)! I've gota say, i was tempted by the tan one as it would be good for spring, but I'm a sucker for anything black so folded pretty quickly... :) xx


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