Street sledging

 Dream sledging team

 Like every other person in the UK, I have been making the most of the snow and took advantage of a free Saturday to head to the local golf course for a bit of sledging. It's not every day that we get this kind of lovely winter weather actually in winter so it's definitely a cause for celebration, and what better way to celebrate than shooting headfirst down a perilously steep hill on a flimsy bit of plastic?! I absolutely love snow, whether it's a light sprinkling or a full-blown stuck in the house for 10 days snow storm (how else is a girl meant to catch up with the new season of Dexter?), so I'm so glad that it finally made it's way to Edinburgh. Fingers crossed it stays for a while!

Unfortunately, due to the necessity to wrap up nice and snug all thoughts of donning something fashionable or outfit post worthy went out the window and were replaced with waterproofs and red wellies! So, until I figure out how to incorporate these into an outfit where I don't look like a 5 year old, outfit posts are on hold.

Hope you're all enjoying the snow! :)


  1. Looks like you've had lots of fun in the snow! I've been out and about making the most of it's so pretty and exciting! I hope it keeps snowing for a few more days at least...also, one of those gents in the "dream sledging team" looks like my boyfriend at a glance haha I had to double take! xx

    1. It does have that ability to make everything look so perfect, doesn't it? I'm quite sad it's all gone now, although looking forward to warmer weather (it'll probably snow again now I've said that...) Thanks for checking out my blog :) Ellia xxx


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