T-shirt - Wyldyfe Clothing * Shorts - eBay * Tights - Topshop * Faux Fur Scarf - H&M * Jacket - H&M * Creepers - eBay * Spiked Headband - Primark * Rings - Primark & River Island

I have recently discovered that, no matter how cold it is outside, I will never, no not ever, think that it is too cold to wear shorts with tights. A few months ago I decided to ditch my dearest 10 den tights for some super snug woolly leggings to keep my pins warm as winter approached, but I've found that the more I try to do the 'sensible' thing and wear thicker, warmer clothes, the more my brain resists the whole idea and forces me back into my oddly comforting array of thin tights. So I've just given up! Some things you just can't change. And who in their right minds would want to change anything about these tights anyway?? Bought from Topshop for £8.50 (a whole lot more expensive than my usual primark tights but it's always worth it for the higher quality and they haven't ripped once!) they have barely left my legs since their first outing on New Years Eve - an outfit which I have completely forgotten to post until just now... that's my first new years resolution out the window! - These tights add the perfect amount of edginess to every outfit and mean that you can pull off the suspenders look without having to go through the overcomplicated and often confusing fiasco of actually wearing suspenders. Hooray!


  1. I'm really bad for dressing for cold weather, I just can't wear jeans and things that keep my legs warm, I always want to wear skirts and dresses so I know what you mean. I love those tights and that top is awesome :D

    1. Thanks Meg! I'm glad someone else has the same problem as me, I just find it so hard to be sensible these days! Maybe we should be living in Hawaii where we can dress in skirts and dresses all the time... :)

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