This weekend I decided that enough was enough, and that I was going to change my blog layout once and for all. And just 5 hours later, here it is! How'd you all like it? And, when answering, please take into account that those 5 hours were mostly spent shouting at my computer while it decided to restart and delete everything I'd changed. Three times (I have since resolved to get a new computer). I really loved the other background and design but the bright colours just seemed to overwhelm any pictures that I put up, and I think that white helps everything to stand out a little bit more. I hope you all like it anyway :)

Coat - Primark * Jumper & Shirt - H&M * Necklace - Thrift shop * Leggings - Topshop (old) * Boots - H&M * Rings - Dixi & Gift

 I got this coat in the Primark sale (£15!) last week and, due to its being fairly massive, it's got that quirky oversized unattractive-yet-attractive something about it that I find so... well... attractive. Also, the hood is absolutely HUMUNGOUS which i feel is very important in a hood. So many of my coats have hoods that just cover the back of my head so that when it rains the whole of my face and front half of my hair still get completely soaked and what is the use of that I ask you people that keep designing small-hooded coats??

These pictures were taken in the tiny overgrown communal garden at the back of our block of flats. I only really discovered it recently and I think it makes a lovely alternative backdrop to the streets of Edinburgh. And it means I don't have old women ogling me while I'm having my picture taken. Which is always nice.

PS - I have recently been listening to this band a whole lot. Have a listen if you haven't heard them already cause they're pretty bloody great and all have really good hair.


  1. Loving the hood and thats my favourite Haim song!
    NRC ♥

    1. Thanks NRC :) that songs so good, right? Don't Save Me is another fav :) such a fangirl...

  2. Blog layouts are an absolute 'mare. Looking good though! And that's a super cute communal garden.

    1. Thanks Sarah! I know, even after 5 hours there's still bits that aren't quite right! Grrr. I hope it's an improvement though :) xx


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