Dress - ASOS
Creepers - eBay
Necklaces - Market & gift
Bracelet - Gift

Russell pulling off the moody floral look superbly

That’s right guys, I have finally ventured outside of my flat to take pictures! Hurrah! And whilst I have actually only moved a couple of metres to the left and through a doorway into the stairwell outside our flat, I would still say that I’m making terrific progress and I would appreciate a bit of support guys!

I went to the RBS Museum Lates evening last Friday at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. It’s a really unique event where you get to wander around the exhibitions and they have various activities going on throughout the night, as well as a silent disco, some bands and, of course, a few bars. All in all, a pretty fun night.

The theme this time was ‘Masquerade’ so I got into the true spirit of things and made my own mask :D which I then lost :( but thankfully I did manage to snap one of my friends wearing it, and I think it lends itself very well to the bearded man look. Very well indeed. 

I wore my new dress which I absolutely love, not only because it’s from Asos and I managed to nab it off ebay for £6 (WOOP!), but also because it’s so bright and flowery and girly and completely not what I would usually go for. I also love the three-quarter length sleeves and high neck, which really help balance out the shortness of the skirt, as it's pretty darn short.

My camera has died so I've resorted to using my phone once again, hence the terrible quality of some of the photos. Any recommendations for a good camera are very welcome as I honestly don't have a clue!


  1. Oh, Blade Runner girl, we like your creepers and your posts!
    Noe & Marina

  2. I love your floral dress :D

    1. Thank you! It was a total bargain off ebay and I've seen it on there a few times before so I'm sure you'd be able to nab it for just a few quid too :)


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