Close-up of casual vintage outfit
T-shirt - Vintage
Cardigan - Primark
Long necklace - Asos
Sandals - New Look

Edinburgh street style, a casual vintage outfit

Edinburgh street style, a casual vintage outfit

Edinburgh street style, a casual vintage outfit

Details of todays outit with ripped jeans, studded sandals and lack leather rucksack

Ric and I made a last minute decision to drive down to Alton Towers on Friday as it was nice and sunny. I've never been before so Ric, being the absolute gentleman that he is, decided to "ease me into things" with a ride on Nemesis and Air.... what a bastard. I've never been on a proper rollercoaster before and so I was dying afterwards!  

We had to go on a few of the slower rides after that until I no longer felt like everything was spinning - Nemesis Sub-Terra, Duel, and The Log Flume were all awesome - although who are those sadistic people that shoot you in the face with water guns? Who?? - before finishing the day off with a ride on The Smiler, which just about killed me. It was totally worth it though and if you haven't been on it yet, it's almost worth going to Alton Towers just for that! 

Alton Towers Entrance @ellia_ferro Instagram

Alton Towers X-Sector The Smiler @ellia_ferro instagram

Alton Towers Air @ellia_ferro instagram

Alton Towers Woodland Walk @ellia_ferro instagram

Alton Towers @ellia_ferro instagram

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  1. Just having a look through loads of different blogs and thought i'd leave a comment to say how much i'm loving yours! Also, sorry if this is random, but I love your hair! Do you dye it yourself?

    - Erin ( ♥


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