Dress / Slip - Primark
Jacket - Warehouse
Socks - Topshop

   I found this 'dress' in the nightwear section of Primark for 4 measly pounds! I was actually on the hunt for some cosy sweats ready for my holiday on the west coast of Scotland but stumbled upon this and couldn't resist. I had visions of wearing it in the summer with chunky DM boots and a floaty kimono, but until the weather allows that kind of frivolous dressing this will just have to do.

So I'll actually be on holiday by the time you read this - that's right, I'm scheduling posts left, right and centre! Anyone would think i was a proper blogger or summink. But before you get too jealous of my hols, i just checked the weather and it's meant to rain all week... Why I agreed to a holiday in Scotland i'll never know.


  1. Love all your outfit posts, just started following you! x

    1. Aw thanks Rebecca! That's always so nice to hear :) xxxxx


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