As promised, a few snaps from my trip to Barcelona :)

I only had a couple of hours spare for sightseeing so just about had time for a wander around La Segrada Familia before running to La Pedrera, which was unfortunately covered in scaffolding, and Casa Battlo, which was overrun with tourists!

I wish I'd had more time to explore as there's obviously so much to see and do, and it's such a beautiful place - plus it was 19 degrees and amazing sunshine the whole time! Bit of a change from Spring in Scotland, I can tell you... - but it was great to at least get a taste of the city and it's definitely made me want to see and explore more of Europe.


Casa Batllo

I couldn't resist a bored toilet selfie at the conference.

Ha, how miserable do I look?? To be honest, come the third day I was bored out of my mind. I think the fact that it was so hot and sunny outside and I was stuck in an air-conditioned conference hall for 10 hours a day was getting to me!

Anyways, hope you're all having a great week xx

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