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I'm not massively into Valentines day and never have been; not when I was single nor now that I'm in a relationship. I think it can be so much more meaningful when these things are spontaneous, and without reason; a surprise gift on an otherwise insignificant day. Also, the fact that Valentines has always been  targeted at couples seems pretty ludicrous to me - Love comes in all shapes and sizes so why restrict it to boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife relationships? Why isn't there a day to show how much you love your friends or your family?

So I guess it's up to you to decide what Valentines means to you and what you want to do with it, if anything. Whether you choose to spend it being loved up with your partner, staying at home watching Die Hard while you pamper yourself with face masks, having a family get-together, or out with your pals rocking your slinkiest dress and some killer heels and toasting being single; I hope you all have an awesome day and get to share some lovin' with whomever the hell you want and however the hell you want :)

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