Skirt - New Look
Shirt - Primark
Braces - eBay
Boots - eBay
Flower Crown - Crown & Glory

What on earth has happened to my legs?? I hadn't even realised just how terrifying and pasty they were until I put these photos up onto my computer and was almost blinded. I apologise, I really do. No-one deserves that. Time to whip out the fake tan I think, for everyone's sake.

I was abandoned this weekend when my photographer decided to watch football instead of take pictures of me twirling around in braces - men can be so selfish, eh? - so I was left to do it all myself and this is the sad result. My tripod had snapped in half a few months back but, what with Ric being such a good replacement, I hadn't felt the need to buy a new one. I feel I should probably invest in another now though if this watching football malarkey is to continue!

A few months ago I bought some beautiful pieces from Crown & Glory, and this floral crown was one of them. It's not something that I think I can pull off during the day but it definitely lends itself to evening looks by adding a bit of drama to an otherwise plain outfit, and the colour just went so well with this burgundy shirt that I couldn't resist it! Crown & Glory also have a new spring/summer collection out now which has some absolutely amazing pastel pieces, perfect for sunnier times - I cant wait to get my hands on this and this.

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